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Awareness of education among the villagers

Need of Awareness

  • They don’t gave exposure There is huge need of awareness among the villagers and poors because they don’t have any exposure. As they lives in villages and in adverse conditions, they cannot get information about anything because the lack of money and the lack of various informative sources such as media or newspapers
  • They can’t give importance to education People who lives in villages they can’t give importance to education because for them earning a bread and butter is more important than to take and think about education. Hence they generally gives importance to their earning, for that they neglect the very brighter side of life i.e. education.
  • They are basically poor and struggling for the survival. Village peoples (basically farmers) have to face the poverty. They are totally dependant on nature and also helpless before it and before their destiny. They have to struggle to earn the meal of single day. So they have to fight with their poverty and destiny, to survive in this world.
  • They need support (Financial and moral) Such underprivileged people needs financial and moral support because struggling with such adverse conditions they loose the hope of survival. Because “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.” So financial and moral support is the only way to give them confidence. If they will get a knowledge to earn money by various ways and if they will get proper moral advice by anyone they can make their life better and satisfied.

What we do?

  • To conduct awareness program among villagers In order to create awareness among villagers our trust has decided to conduct the awareness program in remote villages. Generally the people from poor family and villages are uneducated, so they can’t provide proper information or guidance and importance of education to their ward. Hence it is necessary to conduct awareness program in villages to provide dynamic use of knowledge to the new generation. So the people from villages will start to take interest in education for their better future.
  • To provide various offers or scholarship on institution level By providing them information and importance of education we can create interest in them. But at the same time such people have to think about the expenses which they have to spend on education. So, many of them can neglect towards the information and importance of education. Hence we decided to give them various offers and scholarships to the student on institution level and on government level, so that these people can divert their attention from bitter side of life to the brighter side of life. Because money is the big issue for such people. If we will provide them this facility so, they will definitely try to take education in various fields.
  • To provide free of cost bus facility If these people are willing to take the education in our institution we will provide them free of cost bus facility. Because some villages are remote and interior so students will have to face the problem of transportation.
  • To arrange workshop for parents To know the value and importance of education it is very necessary to arrange a workshop for parents, because village peoples are generally ignorant. So in order to create the awareness among them it is very important to take the workshop for them. Because of this act they will provide proper support and good atmosphere to their ward to take the education and to become a capable personality in this world.

Our Schemes

  • We have visited and conducted number of program Our institution has conducted various career guidance program for the students to provide them various information regarding education, various schemes and about various scholarships. We also visited the schools of remote villages to create awareness about higher education among students. We have provided them information through power point presentation and orally to clear their doubts.
  • Our institution runs a scholarship program for the student on institution level There are so many students who gets the scholarship from institution for their higher education. Because of this act so many poor candidate can take education and they will be able to give better future to their parents afterwards.
  • We also provides free of cost bus facility We provides free of cost bus facility to so many student who are from poor family. So that they can take interest in education rather to take the tension of expenses on transportation. Because transportation is the big issue for rural candidate, so keeping this problem in consideration our institute provide these student free of cost bus facility, from their pick-up point to college.
  • Our institution has conducted workshop for parents To give them proper information and to make them aware about the importance of education our institute has conducted workshop for parents also. Awareness about education on the part of parents is very important for the welfare of student. If the parents are unknown about the education and about its value then they cannot provide proper atmosphere of learning to their ward. Hence awareness workshop is very necessary for parents. Because of this act parent will also strive to give their ward various facilities to achieve their goal in life.