Welcome to Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust

The vision of our charitable trust is to save the generous souls of poor’s and farmers from suicidal activities and from depression by creating awareness about education that promotes strength and individual services, education and women’s empowerment to individuals to grow above their existing condition.”

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up,” for that by encountering with such underprivileged, who are totally unaware about education, we wish to provide them information about technical and engineering field. We also want the establishment of such a colleges, to make these people self employed and entrepreneur, by providing them various facilities and good education

Our Aims
Accreditation by NBA for quality education
Starting PG Doctoral Courses
Starting Continuing Education Programs
R & D Projects in Collaboration with Industry
Academic Tie-up with Foreign Universities
Autonomous Status
Accreditation by Global Quality Agency

Our Objectives
To create the skilled professional who contribute to society in a broad range of careers.
Creation and spreading of knowledge and achievement of merit in different areas.
Smooth transformation from tutor - centric focus to student - oriented processes and behavior.
Executing all the activities of interest to its key factors like faculty, students and the society to reach extent of excellence.
Implementing a wisdom of morals in the institution and society, making it conscious of its obligations to the society and the nation