Welcome to Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust

MKCity withstand to objective of serving people in order to provide them with the things needed for better survivel in this competitive world.
we create awareness of edcation amongsts village students, we make them dream about succesful life, we create paths enroute their dreams, we help them to achieve it by providing variuos scholarships by making free education in the form of fees, hostel and study material to needy and deserving students.

We Provide Children with

Education Awareness Program

Need of Awareness

Villagers and poors lives in adverse conditions, they don't get information about anything because the lack of money and the lack of various informative sources such as media or newspapers. People from villages don't give importance to education because for them earning a bread and butter is more important than to gain education. Hence they generally gives importance to their earning, for that they neglect the very brighter side of life i.e. education. Village peoples (basically farmers) have to face the poverty. They are totally dependant on nature and also helpless before it and before their destiny.

They need support (Financial and moral) Such underprivileged people needs financial and moral support because struggling with such adverse conditions they loose the hope of survival. to overcome all these conditions and to make them aware MKCity Volunteers designed plan.

Our Initiative
In order to provide students with quality education firstly they need to understand the importance of it to gain it.Education doesn't mean just going to school and college but they should understood pros and cons of various streams, their strength and interest to move further. Our first aim isto make them awarefor that our team of enthusiastic volunteers visits almost 150+ schools in villages around the region to coduct awareness camp on what is Education, Benefits of education and how they can get it with help of MKCity. We conduct awareness program among villagers In order to create awareness among villagers our trust has decided to conduct the awareness program in remote villages. Generally the people from poor family and villages are uneducated, so they can’t provide proper information or guidance and importance of education to their ward. Hence it is necessary to conduct awareness program in villages to provide dynamic use of knowledge to the new generation. So the people from villages will start to take interest in education for their better future.

Students Scholarship

MKCity is a charitable trust meant to serve people wide the region Since its inception it has been working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they are born into. Coming from the most desperate of situations, often with orphans and a distressed home environment, their future looks bleak. At this organization such children are provided with education, food, shelter, love, care, and guidance in an effort to help them enjoy a happy life. For that our volunteers met with Principal of 150+ Different school in village areas to understand the problem of low interest in education, then we got to know the problematic situation students facing for good education. From our end we are trying to but its not work of single person or trust we need to unite. To overcome this condition we need many hands in the form of scholarships or donors to those needy students to make their dream come true of a happy and successful life.

Comfortable Shelter

As we are working for the welfare of poor and needy students of village along with education they also need safe shelter. But as our campus is located outside of city. It is not possible for students to avail transport so we need to make available hostel facility to them at free of cost which actually cost almost 18,000/- Rs per year/student to trust. Like we already said a single person cannot change the world but if he/she can start good rest we all need to give hand for cause.

Arrange Food

“Empty stomach no one can win the battle” like wise to make brighter future of students of villages with good education, Shelter they will need good food. Again the question arises because nothing is free on this planet. Almost 15,000/-Rs. per student/year cost for food of one student. Alone we are trying our level best but we too have some limitations that need to be cultured for other things as well.